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It's been over 24 hours so:

In what episodes has the Enterprise D's warp Core threatening to, threatened with, or actually did explode?
I might have missed some, but here goes

All good things...
True Q
Parallels (If you count the Enterprise that blew up)
Cause & Effect
Yesterday's Enterprise

& of course the Generations movie
Close, but not quiet.

Maybe rephrasing the question will help:
In what episodes has the Enterprise D's warp Core been threatening to, or actually did explode; and was threatened to such extent, that it would explode?
I am thinking you mean this wording? In what episodes did the ENT-D's warp core threaten to, get threatened by, or actually did suffer a warp core breach?

Are you expecting "Contagion" to be added, because the ENT-D suffered from the same systems failures that directly caused the core breach on the Yamato?
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