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How about Elena deciding that she's over all vampires for good, marrying Matt and living happily ever after? How about Damon giving up the callous cynic routine and devoting his life to humanitarian causes? How about Stefan committing suicide and being off the show forever? How about one of the vamps deciding to tell the world that vampires exist, and offering themselves as medical proof of that fact? (After centuries, I can't believe that not one of them has done this, out of boredom if nothing else.) Anything that would upend the status quo would be preferable to this stagnation.
I'd be happy with an episode where they notice that the international political news is getting a little bizarre and various nuclear powers are heading towards a world war and then figuring out that first witch/mamma vampire and her mama's boy son have been compelling various world leaders in order to orchestrate the total extermination of both humanity and vampires and return the world to it's natural state.

This, of course, leads the team to go to split up and go to Moscow and DC, where they track down the string-pulling vampires while being hunted by the authorities who are fully under mama vamp's control.

The season could end on a cliffhanger with Stephan (without his magic ring, having lost it when his hand was severed/blown off in an earlier fight) hurtling through space on the back of a russian ICBM warhead, desperately trying to disarm it while the sun is just beyond the horizon, it's first rays beginning to burn him.
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