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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

What an unexpected result!

Very disappointed as a McLaren fan though to be fair, despite them not looking as dominant in pace as expected today, I still think a McLaren 1-2 could have been possible if it wasn't for their terrible pit stops ruining the race for Lewis, or that hopeless HRT getting in the way of JB (the collision itself was definitely Jenson's fault, but given that Karthikeyan didn't have even the slightest chance of keeping that position, he shouldn't have even been anywhere near the racing line with a McLaren breathing down his neck, regardless of whether he had the right to be there or not, though he seems to have a habit of getting in the way even when he's being lapped) but it certainly made for some thrilling viewing.

Lots of exciting stuff happening all over the field (especially from Senna, Di Resta, Vergne and Ricciardo and even Massa gave us a few good moments despite generally having a dismal race), and Perez chasing Alonso had me on the edge of my seat (it would have been nice if he'd actually got past, though, so we'd get to see a win from something other than a Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull).

Schumacher and Grosjean were disappointing as well, but on the plus side, at least Red Bull weren't on the podium, and McLaren still look good for the rest of the season (they clearly have a good car and the right drivers for it, though they might want to replace some of their mechanics and strategists).
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