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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

This was a great beginning, a gorgeously made continuation of the Avatar universe. The animation was spectacular, feature-quality work, continuing everything that was great about the original but ramping it up. It felt like a Miyazaki film, even more than A:TLA did. Even the 3D computer animation on the cityscape and airships was very smoothly integrated with the 2D animation; the opening shots of the cityscape and the statue of Aang looked like paintings but had 3D movement. The "satomobiles" (cute) looked a little more like digital constructs when in motion, but I guess that's been done for so long that today's viewers are probably used to it, and it's certainly not unprecedented for this franchise.

Korra is a good character, well-played by Janet Varney. She's got a nice strong voice that reminds me of both Mae Whitman (Katara) and Cricket Leigh (Mai). It took me a few minutes to realize it, but in a real sense, Korra is Aang, or rather the same soul in a new life. And she does have Aang-like qualities in her impetuousness and self-doubt, and in her impulse to heroism. But she's different too, and her difficulty with airbending drives that home. She's a lot more aggressive than Aang, and a lot less polite.

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