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Re: New live action "Turtles"?

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We all know what happened when Lucas wanted to add the Midichlorians as an explanation for the Force.
Yeah, people started saying things like "Lucas wanted to add the midichlorians as an explanation for the Force", and then made them a scapegoat for Jar Jar Binks. The explanation for the Force happened in 1977.

Say what? I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. We didn't get an in-depth explanation for how the force worked until the prequels when the midichlorians were introduced, which in my opinion demystified the force. If you mean that all you needed to know about it was what was said in 1977, then I agree with you. Looking it up however, I see that while the concept was created in 1977, it didn't appear in the movies until TPM, which is where most will be familiar with it. Anyhow, this is a Turtles thread and I only meant it to be something to compare with.

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