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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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In defense of the Exeter folks, I can understand how this may have happened. Editing a film in post production takes a tremendous amount of patience, focus and concentration. For a fan film, where people have full time jobs, and there's no release date, and no pressure from investors, time can easily slip away. Weeks become months, and months become years.

I'm guessing they're not happy with the product. That's just my guess. If I'm correct, they may want to consider handing the raw footage over to someone else who can take a fresh look at it. Perhaps there's a skilled editor who is also a Trek fan and willing to do it for free.

Just a thought.
I think that's actually what happened and what is happening.
That is exactly what's happened. The editor in question is currently busy working on Polaris. I would imagine he'll get back to Exeter eventually.
Why does an entire film get precedent over a final act that people have been waiting ***years*** to see? Editing Polaris will take years as well, so won't that push the final act of Tressaurian that much further back? Will we even see it before the end of this decade, if at all?
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