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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Also, Evil Abed is back and a wedge has been formed between Troy and Abed. Is the darkest timeline starting to strike back? Just WTF happening?
Abed's projecting is negative feelings towards Troy onto his imagined evil alternate self, that's all. This is the same guy who lets his imagination run away with him all the time, after all. There's a reason that scene happened in the Dreamatorium.

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Now, this year the exploration of alt timelines was a fun plot device - but now these are crossing In-universe?
I really think you're confusing Abed's tendency to let his imagination run away with him with an actual inter-dimensional crossover. Remember, this is the same guy who hallucinated the entire Season Two Christmas episode as claymation.

Getting a celeb impersonator pimp to break your legs? Brainwashed by glee?
I don't see how these are any different than most of the crazy stuff they did in the first two season -- I mean, a secret military bioweapon that turns everyone into zombies? Claymation Christmas? A school that keeps holding giant free-for-all paintball contests that ruin the campus? A campus mafia evolving over chicken fingers? Etc.

Let's face it, the Realism/Naturalism boat sailed on Community ages ago.
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