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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

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Mojochi wrote:
If the show were a spinoff, starring an earlier character becoming a captain, like for example Worf. We're familiar enough with him that he could take on a lead role, & his makeup would not be as much a difficulty to the audience
I could see that, though I would prefer anyone but Worf. Yes he was a good character, lots of development and storylines, Mr Dorn did an excellent job of bringing him to life, etc, but I think he's been overused and I don't think there's anything more to be done with him. Besides, due to his actions on DS9, Sisko said it was extremely doubtful that he would get his own command.
But not impossible. Sisko was merely voicing his opinion. Otherwise, Worf could have long since redeemed himself several times over since then and could have his own ship right now for all we know.
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