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Re: Why has the Janeway tag been removed from all threads?

What is a more damaging concussive force?

Reentry, sorry... "Entry" from orbit, or blaster fire?

there's no frakking way that thing could be unphased by smashing into the side a planet but blow up when... Chewie and Han were taking potshots, becuase their hand weapons couldn't even get though storm trooper armour.

I liked it on Stargate that they explain how the jaffar staff weapons produces a microwave emission that cooks its target from the inside along side the heat and concussion.

How did they remove genre babe of the week?

If it was a question of size, maybe whatever criteria nixed that, janeway fell foul to too?

If I had admin control, I would have it so that when ever some one tried to publish the words highlander II, would actually would be produced would be "Expletive deleted".
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