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Re: artificial intelligence/computer, android, robots

The rise of the machines has started!

Damn, and I'd prepared for a zombie holocaust.

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IMO, the real issue isn't whether Starfleet can push AI technology further, but should they? In the moral problem presented in TNG's "The Measure of a Man," at what point does a AI cease being a device and becomes a sentient being with guaranteed rights and freedoms under the Federation Constitution? Would it be better to keep AIs from becoming too advanced (from developing sentience and the ability to pursue their own wants and needs) to avoid them from being regarded as manufactured slaves?
I would agree with this. AI at a certain level of ability and sophistication makes sense, but any further and it does start to creep into issues of morality. The computer is needed to run the ship, and if the Captain has to stop and settle disputes between the targetting sensors and waste reclamator instead of engaging renegade Cardassians, well it does make for a dull series.

The focus should be on the characters and not the tech.
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