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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

how small is "part" of the quarter of the galaxy, compared to 'part" of the sector.

Sure part of the quarter of the galaxy is exactly the same size as "part" of sector.

How many sectors in a quadrant? (6 and a quarter million according to wikipedia which claims that a sector is 20 LY cubed)

Not many, I suppose since Sisko once said that Odo was the best law man in the Sector.

The point I was trying to make is that Neelix was inexact and so unintentionally vague that Janeway might have made incorrect conclusions after listening to the words coming out of his fluffy yap.

I assume that you own a house in Sacramento?

So, you own part of Sacramento.

So you own part of California.

So you own part of America.

So you own part of the Earth.

So you own part of the Solar System.

So you own part of the sector.

So you own part of the Quadrant.



Did you know that Sindatur owns part of the Quadrant?

Does that seem like I am saying that you own a quarter acre section, or half a million solar systems?
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