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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Just finished Voyager: Homecoming. All around decent, but I think the book suffers from trying to force a plot on the the homecoming. It was almost as if we couldn't really think of what to do for the characters so instead we just have them sitting around treading water. Admittedly, there is a Trek III vibe to end of the novel. But man, oh man, could this book have used another pass from the editor. "The Doctor answered a message to see a the handsome brown visage of an attractive man." "Janeway stare at the handsome but forbidding Admiral." "The Doctor recalled Iden, who had been an appealing but ultimately ugly person." I think Christie Golden may have invented the Female Gaze! (Kidding, kidding.) I didn't think it was out of place to call the characters attractive, but everyone is attractive in this book, and they are uniformly called so.

I decided to tackle The Farther Shore right away, but I'm only 3 or so chapters in. Next on the docket is the Chakotay story from "Captain's Table" and then TNG: A Hard Rain.
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