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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I dropped it after the third, but it looked pretty clear that the situation was as you suggest. This new information, that Bruce wanted the JLI as a kind of distraction meant only for publicity, seems to directly contradict that. The onyl way I can reconcile the two is to suggest that Justice League 7 takes place before JLI 1, and that Batman changes his mind after seeing the team in action (except that here he says he has zero respect for the team after seeing them in action).
I was thinking that a) Justice League 7 takes place before JLI 1 and b) Batman is referring to an original quickly-squashed (by Batman) JLI that existed prior to JLI 1. In other words, the distraction JLI is some group that existed as a brief idea but never got over the ground due to Batman stepping in and squashing it. He decided the more recent incarnation, though, had more potential.
Why would they make it that difficult to fit into continuity? opposed to the idea that Batman both likes and hates the current JLI? He didn't seem to be joking about hating some version of the JLI in Justice League 7, and he clearly wants the JLI to succeed in the JLI comics.

I suppose another other option, though, is that Batman sees the only way for the JLI to succeed is for the group to be separate from the UN. In other words, he's lying to Trevor in Justice League 7 in order to get the UN to remove funding.
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