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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

PARIS: Why would anyone want to live in a place like this?
NEELIX: The rich cormaline deposits are very much in demand.
CHAKOTAY: The Ocampa use it for barter?
from the very beginning...

NEELIX: Not the Ocampa, the Kazon-Ogla.
JANEWAY: The Kazon-Ogla? Who are the Kazon-Ogla?
NEELIX: They are. Kazon sects control this part of the quadrant. Some have food, some have ore, some have water. They all trade and they all kill each other for it.
JANEWAY: I thought you said the Ocampa had our people.
NEELIX: My friends, it's good to see you again!
Janeway's guide and ally, who she trusts for some reason, just said that the kazon control most of 1/4 of the galaxy.

but you've actually got it backwards.

A treaty sets down rules of conduct and interaction, note the episode where Harry gets a glowing STD, with how the federation is allowed to share information and technology. known quantities to the federation can be treated as the assholes or angels they are and not be given such a benefit of the doubt over any misunderstandings, cultural or otherwise.

from TNG First Contact.

DURKEN: You speak the language of diplomacy very well, Captain. It is a language I appreciate and understand, but I have learned to not always trust it.
PICARD: Trust requires time and experience.
DURKEN: My world's history has recorded that conquerors often arrived with the words, we are your friends.
PICARD: We are not here as conquerors, Chancellor.
DURKEN: What do you want?
PICARD: A beginning. But how we proceed is entirely up to you.
DURKEN: And if my wishes should conflict with yours?
PICARD: There'll be no conflict.
DURKEN: And if I should tell you to leave and never return to my world?
PICARD: We will leave and never return. Chancellor, we are here only to help guide you into a new era. I can assure you we will not interfere in the natural development of your planet. That is, in fact, our Prime Directive.

DURKEN: I can infer from that directive that you do not intend to share all this exceptional technology with us.
PICARD: That is not the whole meaning, but it is part of it.
The only thing Janeway knew for sure is that these Kazon were willing to kill or die to DEFEND what they insisted was theirs, and frankly she never hinted that she thought otherwise, that she was in the heart of kazon space, surrounded by thousands of Kazon ships and trillions of kazon warriors.
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