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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Dick I believe is supposed to be 21 or something now...and has been Nightwing for a few years so yeah he'd have to have started out as Robin as a 12 year old. Stephanie as Robin during War Games still seems to have lasted only few a few months as it did in the previous DCU continuity. Jason Todd must've been like a year or two as Robin.

@Preator Shinzon I have the same problem with this timeline as you do, which is why I continually bring it up. I hate repeating myself, but it is just plain silly some of the stuff they've attempted to reconcile or compress into this five year timeline.

Also in "Batgirl" it was established that Babs hadn't been Batgirl for "three years" or something like that, and we don't know if Oracle ever existed or not. Probably not.
yeah, Batgirl and Nightwing are the only Bat-books i'm reading. i just assume that Babs was Oracle at some point. i know the Batman and Green Lantern books weren't rebooted cause they were big sellers...but man, it just creates headaches when you try to sort things out or compress five Robins into a short amount of time.

OdoWanKenobi wrote:
Now that I think about it, Stephanie has gone completely MIA in the New 52, hasn't she? Maybe she's hanging out with Wally West.
i guess she's in limbo, hanging out with Wally and Donna.
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