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Re: New live action "Turtles"?

I really think the first (live action) Turtles movie is very good. It's a good mix of the Turtles and how they were in their original comic book run and the Turtles kids new on the cartoon. (About the only thing that translated from there were the personalities of the turtles and their character traits.) SotO tilted a bit too far into emulating the toon, losing that "dark edge" of the Turtles and the less said about TiT the better. The CGI movie from a few years ago was okay, but I think it took too many of the more sci-fi elements from the original comics that already strain the SoDB some may be willing to doll out.

Making the Turtles aliens? Wouldn't this damage if not make it impossible for much of their deeper, darker, back story to be used? Particularly the relationship between Hamato Yoshi, Oroku Saki (Splinter/Shredder)?

I still hope against odds that Bay was taking some piss and the actual origins will be used in the movie. If not... Man will I be pissed because.... Ugh.

Hell I like the "back story" they seem to going with now in the current run of the comics. Go with that!

But making them fucking aliens? That's just going to be stupid.
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