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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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An original idea/concept for a show would help. RHW's untitled thing just sounds so uninspired without a title you have to wonder why they bothered revealing it.
Without anything to go on other than a paragraph, it's hard to say what it is. But this would be true regardless of what the paragraph is. An idea you hadn't heard of before condensed into a paragraph does not a good show make. One of the best space operas of the last ten years was a remake, which hardly sounds inspiring, and two others were a space western and a a series with a vaguely Buck Rogers premise that in paragraph form probably looked like a rehash of Lexx.

This said, there's nothing in RHW's basic idea that precludes an excellent space opera series. It's a solid premise to build episodic plots around and also arcs of either a science fictional or political nature... and there's nothing it that ensures it'll be any good at all besides RHW's involvement.

And as with Andromeda, RHW's involvement is no assurance the show will be good. Though the problems with Andromeda mostly came from Turbine and Sorbo, there's no guarantee RHW wouldn't have similar issues with his collaborations - TV is never a solo medium, after all - nor is he a god whose mere presence assures quality screenwriting.

What he is, though, is a writer who's work I've personally enjoyed, both on DS9 and Andromeda ("Angel Dark, Demon Bright" was a good hour of space opera TV, damn it). So with that one small but sort of important fact - a writer I like working on a genre I love - remaining cautiously hopeful actually makes sense.

RHW is a solid writer but is he an innovative creator?
Innovation is fine and all well and good, but more then innovation I just want a quality space opera TV show. If it's served up in a manner that's basically familiar, that's fine. If I wasn't interested in watching shows at all basically familiar, I'd try genres I'm unfamiliar with.
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