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This Mass Effect ending debacle is a learning tool for everyone.

People express their anger at the ending by donating their money to a charity that supports children. They donate nearly $80,000 to the cause. The charity requests that the RetakeMassEffect movement end the fund raising citing bad press and negative feedback. The movement complies.

Did you know that Child's Play was founded by the people who are behind the Penny Arcade? Penny Arcade has been disparaging of RetakeMassEffect.

Here is a link that goes into more detail:

I don't remember much about the controversy surrounding Fallout 3's ending. Was it this ugly?

UPDATE: The RetakeMassEffect has found a new charity for fans to donate money. It is called Kids Need To Read. However, this charity is receiving hate mail and they have been requested by some to cut ties with this movement.

The longer this drags on, the uglier it gets.

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