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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

45. The Raid: Redemption (B-)

The Raid: Redemption: At least one critic hailed this martial arts extravaganza as the "best action movie in decades." Others have compared it to Die Hard. After seeing the movie, I can only report that as hyperbole. It's a satisfying martial arts action movie with occasional lulls between fight sequences for plot and characterization that are both paper thin. Actually, to call the characters paper thin would be generous; of the six that are even identifiable, none posses more than a single character trait. There aren't any fight scenes as impressive as you'll find in the work of Tony Jaa, but the fight scenes are never boring. There's also one excellently designed suspense sequence and a couple of memorable gags that I won't reveal here (one involving a refrigerator is particularly creative).

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