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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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I was also greatly amused by what Martha promised the critic (can't remember her name) Rick would do for her. They stretched it out just long enough to make you feel uncomfortable for him until it was revealed he just had to read her novel.
"Just?" Oh, you poor innocent layperson. From a writer's standpoint, that's one of the worst things it could've been. It's overwhelmingly likely to be a piece of crap, since most people who think they can write don't have a clue. It'll be taking up precious time he needs to devote to his own work. It'll set a dangerous precedent that other people will start sending him their books to read (more than they probably do already) and putting even more of a burden on him. It'll expose him to the risk of frivolous and expensive litigation if the critic sees something in a future Castle book that vaguely reminds her of what she wrote. And what is he going to tell the critic? If he gives it anything like an honest review, she may be furious and punish Martha for it. And if he lies and tells her it's good, she might press him to help her get it published, and then what would he do?

All told, it's a pretty awful position for Martha to have placed him in.
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