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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

How about the nice convenience that the Salvatore family happened to be in the logging business and saved their records for the past 150 years. Until Damon burns them, rather than just burning a page...he burned the whole book.

And that the white oak was used for a local structure still standing, not hauled off to gawd knows where.

And that Damon had just mentioned Sage, knew that Rebecca knew Sage, but she reappears like the next day and he finds nothing suspicious about that at all.

And the old question, Abby goes away who pays the bills at her house, her foster son? That's right, everyone on the show comes from money and they can do whatever. The teens don't even go to school anymore. Alaric's loft, who's paying the rent...what does he do anymore besides die and murder people?
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