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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I'm not even going to get into the whole 'where could they go to survive' discussion. Thats a whole new discussion in itself.

Sat down and marathoned the entire second half of the series. Not bad. Amazing how the entire group dynamic has changed in only a few episodes. People who you previously couldn't stand *cough*Hershel*cough* have really stepped up to the plate now that the chips were down.

And its pretty damned amusing the amount of fan rage that Lori and Carl are generating. I hope the show producers are paying attention.

Haven't read the comic, but I hope that next season isn't just a retread of every bad post-apocolyptic movie ever made and some prison boss has decided to set himself up as the local warlord.

Can't really blame Rick for how he reacted toward the end. He's tried to be the nice guy all this time and look where thats got him. Maybe its time to give the 'alpha male' method a try.

Has anybody mentioned the fact that during the end battle, everyone was pulling off perfect headshots while hanging out the window of moving cars? Driving over grass no less? Probably the only thing that took me out of the story.
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