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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

(No worries. )

Caretaker wanted a son to caretake the Ocampa after he died because only his son could possibly understand the responsibility of that duty. Which makes me wonder if Willy Wonka was really secretly Charlie's father in either movie with either of Charlie's mothers. So Banjoman dragged different aliens from every corner of the galaxy to see if he could rape any of them without their dying. He spent months raping all sorts of aliens to death including Ransom's human crew 6 months before Janeway's mostly human crew, which shows exactly how scientific the approach Caretaker was taking toward finding a mate... That he seemed to have forgotten that humans were already incompatible with his semen while he was raping Harry to death.

THAT is who we are dealing with.

You can blame it on the dementia, but really, seriously, really, not a nice bloke.


Janeway tries to board the array.

The Kazon tell her to bugger off.

There's a fight.

Voyager and the Val Jean vs. One Kazon City ship and two Kazon Shuttles.

The Kazon found out about transporters perhaps 20 minutes earlier, so they can be forgiven for not realizing that Janeway is already on Board the array while they're desperately trying to stop Voyager from docking, claiming the array and dominating this sector with all their impressive technology and putting the Kazon under boot just like the Trabe did for centuries.

During the fight, the Array's self destruct device is rendered malfunctional which soils the best laid plans of a complete idiot to live as long as can and then have his home blow up, so that he doesn't lose a second of his life to suicide that couldn't be spent raping aliens. His house didn't go boom and that worries him. Every idiot knows that you need contingency.

It is Caretakers belief that after the Kazon take the Array, and after they master replicator technology (among other innovations.) that they will steal the Ocampa's water and that these Elves will die of thirst. Cause and effect. He only believes that the Ocampa will suffer as collateral damage because they have an invaluable resource that the Kazon cannot live without... Even though the Kazon will now have replicators which will make water almost valueless. Really, giving the Array to the Kazon would make the Ocampa's water far safer than not.

On his death bed, with this spurious logic in mind, Caretaker asks that Janeway looks after the Ocampa for him, or destroy the array since he can't do either any longer.

Kathryn says no to both like a good Starfleet officer, but changes her mind less than 5 minutes later because she's such a flighty thing.

Back to the point you were actually interested in...

Caretakers is dead but Salvage rules don't apply until the Array is empty.

l would say that, since Janeway refused to caretake the Ocampa, that the Array was not willed to her like it would have been if she had accepted the job, and the fight out side meant that the ownership through salvage was in contest, and salvage wouldn't apply till Janeway, or Jabin left, gave up their claim... Although salvage on Earth only applies to shit left in international waters in-between countries, and frankly where all this was happening was Kazon Controlled Space, which means that it was their job, the Kazon, as the legal authorities, to decide the fate of the Array after caretakers death, baring any will or testament from the Caretaker, not that Caretaker wasn't a criminal they wanted to send to Kazon jail for all that rape, which again would see his property impounded by the Kazon authorities.

Does that help?
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