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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I was in bed last night thinking why don't they look for a lake with an island in the center? The zombies can't swim and you would be relatively safe. Or just get a boat and drop anchor. Sure you would have to leave and forage for supplies but you could possibly get a some rest.
Just get a carnvival cruise liner go down to the bahamma's and ancor the boat a mile off shore. Use smaller boats to get supplies. A zombie can not just walk out a mile into the ocean with currents and find the ancor and climb the chain to the boat.

Speaking that, what about all the naval vessels out at sea, they are zombie proof unless their own crew start to just die and turn to zombies.
A more feasible solution for the characters in TWD would be to find a decent island on Lake Lanier. Being a man-made lake in the mountains/foothills of North Georgia, it has plenty to choose from. And since it's such a large lake, it would be easy to live off the fish. The only thing I'd worry about is if Buford Dam eventually gave way. By then, hopefully the walkers wouldn't be much of a problem.
I don't know. Zombies may not be able to swim, but providing the water isn't too deep they can walk along a lake bed easy enough. It may even take them a while but Zak is nothing if not persistent and determined. On the other hand, if it's an island with cliffs on all sides, then that might make it the safest option. You'd still need enough square acreage to grow enough crops to feed yourselves, survive winter plus extra for emergencies AND a fresh water supply. Then there's the problem of fuel. Between fires and building material you might find yourself running low on trees after a year or two. No matter which way you cut it, I think that unless you can clear and make save a LARGE island (think Ireland, Iceland, Madagascar etc) then you're going to ultimately end up starving or freezing to death.
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