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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Dune (1984) - free admission
Doctor Strange - DVD
Project X (2012) - free admission
Martha Marcy May Marlene - free admission
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - free admission
Friends with Kids - free admission
The Lincoln Lawyer - Netflix Instant
Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy - Netflix Instant
John Carter 2D/3D - free admission/free admission
Silent House - free admission
21 Jump Street - free screenin'
Casa de Mi Padre - free admission
Support Your Local Gunfighter - Netflix Instant
The Grudge: Unrated Extended Director's Cut - DVD
Jeff, Who Lives at Home - free admission
My Bloody Valentine (2009) - DVD
Battle Royale (2000) - Alamo Drafthouse
Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocal - discount theater
The Butterfuly Effect - DVD

Went up to the discount theater yesterday to see the fourth Mission Impossible, since I missed it durin' the original run.

I liked it - not as good as the third, which is still my favorite, but still well worth watchin'. Great action, good humor, and nice continuity with the rest of the film series.

There was also a joke that I was the only one in the theater who laughed at it. My friend Barbara gave me the look that she always gives me right before sayin' I'm a twelve year old...but couldn't say it, since we were in a theater.

Couldn't sleep when I got in last night, so I popped in The Butterfly Effect to watch. I really don't get how the guy was able to travel back in time...he reads his journals, and that's it? Seriously?!?

Ah, least the double feature DVD (which has the first sequel) only cost a dollar at Half Price Books.

Harvey wrote: View Post
Do you know what version of Battle Royale you saw? Apparently there's a director's cut that changes some things, which has upset some people online.
I saw the version they showed in the theater the other night...I imagine its the version that came out on disc the other day.

I'm not upset, since I wouldn't be able to spot any changes if it wasn't the original, its still a good movie.
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