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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

Soundtrack heavy episode tonight. I guess Cassidy Freeman brought that with her from Smallville.

Vampire psychic power crap? What the heck?

Did the poor piano player survive? Or is the maestro decomposing?

Alaric...worse than thought. I think he's a goner.

Do we care about Bonnie's relatives? No. Because no one on a Kevin Williamson show is allowed happy parental relations or even two parents.

I love Damon and Stephan's looks at the end..."brother, we back in the original slaying business!" (If only that would be sooner rather than later...actually, Rebecca is a tolerable foil, but I hate Klaus a lot.)

Nina Dobrev is so lovely, but with all the worried and sad looks she's required to do for this show, she's gonna age 5 years for every season.
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