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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

What’s more, NBC points out that Community – with Bang Bang Theory benched by NCAA hoops — was No. 1 among Adults 18-34 and Men 18-34 during its half hour, besting even a little show called American Idol.
This demonstrates something that I've suspected for a while: NBC handicaps Community by putting it up against Big Bang Theory because they have similar demographics. I know a lot of people who are hardcore Big Bang Theory fans who I'm sure would love Community at its most reference-drenched. They just don't know that Community exists because NBC has put it in a blind spot. (Granted, anyone that would consciously choose BBT OVER Community is a retard but that's a flame for another thread.)

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Six seasons and a movie bitches!
What's this from? I keep hearing it and it sounds familiar but I can't place it.

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But the point is that The Office is considered to be one of NBC's stronger shows in the ratings.
Is The Office still such a strong show for NBC? I thought I read somewhere that its ratings were in the toilet ever since Steve Carrell left.
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