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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Shows often go without titles during the development phase and the description of RHW's show is so vague that it's impossible to judge how it would turn out. It's basically Cops in Space, maybe a throwback to that aspect of TOS.

And simplicity may be a benefit. What's The Walking Dead, after all, but a simple show about a few characters struggling against zombie mayhem? The very simplicity of that concept may have been the secret of its success. It lured back the elusive young male demographic with the prospect of lots of blood & guts, and then hung onto them, and everyone else, with solid storytelling and a strong cast.

RHW's series could be a big hit with this same combination, the allure of violence and graphic mayhem combined with a simple premise about the border sheriffs of the future patrolling the nasty, chaotic frontier.
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