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Re: Disney's JOHN CARTER

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As has been said elsewhere, the essential factor missing from John Carter is a credible and charismatic lead actor. I doubt many people outside the US can name anything that Taylor Kitsch has been in. He does a reasonable job in the role, but I think he was miscast.
UK resident says, "Wolverine" and "Friday Night Lights"
Wolverine - terrible film and I don't recall Kitsch being at all notable in it at all although he certainly was in it.

Friday Night Lights - never watched by more than 26,000 people on ITV4 and also some fraction of those rich enough to be able to afford Sky Atlantic. Probably not enough people to make him recognisable to the vast proportion of the UK public who might be inclined to go to the cinema.

As someone else said, it was a bit like they cast Derek Zoolander for the role.
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