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Yeah and the fact that in act three, Meridith openly acknowledges that Hawk is quite blatantly an apostate only strained the credibility further. Hence my wondering how they might get around it if the next protagonist is with the Seekers.

As for the ending...I think my main beef was that it wasn't really an ending at all. It was a climax sure, but all we get is a line from future Varric that Hawk ran off, was abandoned by everyone save possibly <insert love interest here> and mysteriously vanished. Not much of a denouement. Of course it's all just because the ending's only real purpose was to set up the next big conflict for DA3 (the Mage-Templar War) but if you have to do that at the expense of the characters then that's just bad storytelling.

Not to go off topic and without getting into spoilers it's a similar problem as ME3's ending. Where all the characters get pushed aside because the writers decided that the plot *must* end at such-and-such a point. One might argue that it's more forgiveable in the case of DA2 because it has to lead into the plot of the next game, but I would argue that in DA2, the characters are more important than the plot and by neglecting them, the impact of the climax was...well, anti-climatic.
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