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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Christopher wrote: View Post
If Syfy's going to make a big investment in a marquee space show, I'd much rather it be Untitled Robert Hewitt Wolfe Project than Blood & Chrome.
Same here!

Harvey wrote: View Post
SyFy hasn't cared about critical buzz for the past two or three years.
It's not just critical buzz, it's turning buzz into profit by gaining a much larger audience than they've ever had before and funnelling that audience to their other shows.

Success breeds success. They could use (let's be optimistic) RHW's space opera to be their Walking Dead and then advertise the rest of their lineup to a whole new audience. Sure, their lineup wouldn't meet the same standard but some people might decide to sample more of their wares.

At least they could advertise a lineup in the same general genre category. Beats the situation AMC is in, desperately trying to convince TWD viewers that Mad Men is "the same type of show." Gotta love the chutzpah.

BSG isn't the ratings standard here, because it never got better ratings than SyFy's cop shows; TWD is what they should be shooting for. The risk is, do they know the difference between the two, why BSG's audience was inherently limited and TWD has blown things wide open?

SyFy doesn't "have" to do any of this. I'm sure they can remain solvent with their sci fi cop shows indefinitely. But why make some money when you can make mo' money? No risk, no reward. AMC took a mammoth risk and has been greatly rewarded.
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