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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

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Well he slept with the Scalosian leader, and Drusilla the Slave for sure (sorry not on-screen as TOS is not pornography, but implied is all you are going to get) and was the love interest for Elaan. Got to roll around with Droxine's sister in bed while avoiding being killed, kissed Andrea the android in the line of duty of course, was the object of Miri's girl crush, half of Kirk raped or tried to rape Rand.... my fingers are getting tired.
Sorry, but no. A "half Kirk"--especially one devoid of all the nobler qualities of the original complete Kirk--doesn't count.

There are only two times that Kirk had confirmed sexual relationships during TOS--with Queen Deela and Mirimanee. There's nothing to suggest he did anything more than kiss the others (although I'm sure many fans believe he slept with all of them because they kissed).
About half the episodes showed him flirting with one woman or another, so Myth is the wrong word, sorry, Kirk was a ladies man and often portrayed that way.
Exaggeration is more appropriate since Kirk only had 20 actual romantic encounters out of 79 episodes of TOS (several others were before TOS). And quite a few of the ones shown in the series featured Kirk either under alien influence or in a deliberate attempt to undermine a degree of power a woman had over him, his crew, and his ship.
Leading McCoy in TUC to give up and exclaim 'what IS IT with you ANYWAY' after kissing on Martia.
Which actually compounded the exaggeration and reinforces the "bad boy" aspect of Kirk that suddenly appeared in Star Trek II. Make no mistake, as I said in my earlier post, Kirk did have a good love life, but it has been made even larger than it actually was during the series. Claims that it happened all the time or in half the episodes simply aren't true.
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