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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

Does anyone seriously expect this to be better than Sherlock?

Some interesting points from that article though...

They've just decided to go off and do one of their own, having been turned down by us to do an adaptation of our version.
So clearly they are trying to ride Sherlock's coat tails. Which I think we all knew anyway.

"We don't own Sherlock Holmes," he said. "We don't even own the idea of updating it. It's been done before.
"I hope they know their Sherlock Holmes very, very well indeed because we know what's in our show and wasn't in the original.
"So if we did discover our material had made it into somebody else's show we would have a problem with that. If there is no such incidence of that, then there's nothing we can object to."
Seems reasonable, they know they don't own Sherlock Holmes, but they do know what they've added to it.

I don't see why Moffat isn't allowed to be annoyed at this? Remember he's already seen one of his shows butchered by American networks.
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