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Re: Does It Get Better???


Pretty much, that's my view of the show too. Individual episodes like "Barge of the Dead" can make you go wow, that was amazing trek. But then you think of the bigger picture, the only feeling is being underwhelmed. That's why I simply consider Voyager a collection of a lot of very good sci-fi stories.
I've noticed some fans kind of make up these big narratives for Voyager, like I sometimes see in youtube comments "Oh Voyager was the best show, such an epic story of a captain struggling to get her crew through the Alpha quadrant against so many obstacles and the crew struggling with isolation blah blah blah", and its just like, well hang on a minute, you're really just saying what the show was supposed to be but that's not really the reality. Its almost like people make these things up in their head because its more logical given the show's concept to think Voyager was all those things, than to think it was about a self-repairing ship that was far from home but really didn't struggle that much more than a ship like the Enterprise.

Its funny because reading an interview with Kenneth Biller a while back (which I found for the Kes thread since he was quite open about feeling it was a mistake to let her go), he said he was annoyed that during his episode "Lifesigns", there was a scene with Jonas talking to the Kazon (which no doubt Piller insisted be inserted to desperately try and keep the Kazon arc going). He felt like any viewer watching that episode would be annoyed because they didn't know what was going on, and that's just utter BS to me. As Moore said in his interview, viewers are aware when they randomly dip into a show they haven't been keeping up with, there may be a few things they've missed, treating them like some kind of moron who'll put their foot through the TV if they're not 100% up on what's going on totally counters the ambition and potential of the show, and that should be Biller's mistress, not a very small percentage of mouth-breathers who get confused ridiculously easily. So in the end it just harms the show and you're left with a lot of characters you literally could not give one flying f**k about, while on DS9 even character who you may not have liked (Bashir for me), you at least are marginally interested in what happens with them because you feel like you know them. Its no surprise the Doctor and Seven are the most popular VOY characters.
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