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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

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Well, I wasn't counting direct. Just subordinates.
That wasn't the issue, though. The discussion I was having was in regards to Kirk having a romance with a member of his crew. Shaw doesn't count.
They were in a relationships in the past, and Shaw described Kirk as the love of her life. She's three ranks lower than Kirk. She quite likely could have been a direct subordinate.
Nope. Kirk's relationship with Shaw was before he even took command of the Enterprise (they hadn't seen each other in years).
But anyway, at this point it becomes a case of arguing semantics. You say 'Myth', I say 'Exaggeration' based on a joke. In any event, Kirk got around and he earned his reputation honestly.
But his reputation is built largely on longtime exaggeration by fans and a later retcon in Star Trek II. If you look just at TOS, however, Kirk comes across as more a strait-laced character, especially with members of his own crew. With the exception of the aforementioned Dr. Noel, all of Kirk's romantic incidents have been with someone who wasn't a member of his crew.
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