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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Yeah, seems like the people claiming that Hal being characterized as a dumbass was just him being young and brash were wrong. That's absolutely the way he's going to be written in this book. Kinda weird that Johns is writing Hal two different ways in the two books he's writing him in. I mean, Hal's not exactly a genius in Green Lantern. He's been getting led around by Sinestro a fair bit, but he's not a complete jackass moron that thinks only with his dick. And yeah, what the heck is up with Billy Batson being an asshole, as well?

I like how Nightwing's plotline got tied into the Court of Owls. Looks to be the first of what will probably be several retcons to bring the Owls into Batman's past. This one I'm pretty cool with, though, as it's actually an interesting story, and doesn't really change anything major in Dick's origin (that we know of.)

As for Batman, well, great as ever. This has been the best book in the New 52 since its inception. The owl killing the iconic bat was a fantastic bit. I do wish I hadn't had to read an identical scene twice in both Batman and Nightwing, though.

Finally, John Stewart has gotten off waaaaaaaay too easy for killing his fellow Lantern, last month.
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