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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I've tried to come up with a way they could pay their employees with free accounts, but I'm having a little trouble. Could you detail your plan for how they do this?
Glad you asked - they stop giving everything except the kitchen sink to the F2P players.

So, the solution to your concern that they "just [count] the dollars spent in the C-store" is to put more things in the C-store...
Rocketeer may not have phrased it correctly, but I do think he raises a valid concern that monthly STO subscribers are currently facing. And the concern is that despite the fact that monthly subscribers are already paying $10-$15 every month, they still have to pay for stuff in the C-Store at the same price that F2P players pay.

In contrast to other MMOs like Turbine's LOTRO and DDO, who automatically provide the majority of content updates, features and adventure packs to monthly subscribers for free, it does seem that Cryptic may not be giving monthly subscribers the value that they deserve for providing Cryptic with a steady revenue stream.

Possible solutions? They include what Rocketeer said, and that is to make a real distinction between F2P and subscribers in the C-Store. Just tossing out ideas here, I have no idea how feasible they are... perhaps give subscribers more stuff that F2P players normally have to pay for? Or give subscribers massive (more than 50%) discounts on C-Store some items?
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