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Re: Universe K63: A Report

The account summarized here of the First Contact event, and those events surrounding it, has come from extensive research into those accounts given by those present. This has come from a variety of sources, including personal interviews, diary entries, and family stories passed down to subsequent generations. As these come from human memory and perspective, they are subject to the foibles of human memory and perspective, and as a result, interpretations and stories of First Contact vary slightly from person to person. Certain areas of information have also come from Klingon resources. As these are prone to distortion and propaganda, we use them sparingly, and only to inform the Klingons' perspective of events. What is presented here therefore may be vague in places, or lack detail, given those problems. As there is no definitive version of the story, we have taken the liberty at times of creating a dramatic narrative to explain the events and history.

The Imperial Klingon Starship Veqlargh (anglicized Fek'lhr; named for the Klingon's Satanic analogue) was a craft unlike anything seen before by human eyes. The Fek'lhr was a Bird-of-Prey type advanced warp starship, capable of speeds many times that of the Phoenix. It hosted disruptor ports, photon torpedoes, deflector technology and shield technology. The vessel was an amalgamation of technologies and advancements many decades ahead those of Earth, and many of which Mankind was as of yet totally unaware were possible.

When the Klingons landed that night in Bozeman, it was in many ways similar to the Europeans first landing in the Americas. The Native American Indians had been totally unaware that their visitors had existed previous their landing, nor that there was another half to the world with different cultures, civilizations, and histories. They did not know of, nor understand their advanced technologies, and were awe struck by their massive sea going vessels. And they did not know the plans and ideas of their visitors, nor what those would bode for them in time. Unlike certain American Indian tribes, however, the Humans of the 21st century were too advanced to believe their visitors were gods incarnate. But, much as the American Indians before them, they did not know the plans and designs and schemes of their visitors, and would soon see their world and their history forever changed by them.

As the Klingon starship appeared over the settlement and began its descent, the people of the town were, from all accounts, awestruck by the craft, and approached the vessel with great wonder and curiosity and, for some, fear. As the craft touched down, the townspeople had gathered around it, not knowing what would come next. The starship opened, releasing its bay door, and a figure began to emerge. It would be Zefram Cochrane, whose warp signal had enticed the vessel, who walked forward to greet the visitors on behalf of his town and of his world. As the figure stepped down the gangplank, his features began to become visible. He was a humanoid, hulking in stature, with a deep brown completion and giant, bushy eyebrows. Most prominent of all, however, were the jagged, intricate ridges which adorned his head. On either side of him, following as he proceeded towards the townspeople, he was flanked by creatures of similar look and features. The fearsomeness of the aliens tainted the town's curiosity with an increased sense of dread, and must have made Zefram Cochrane quite thankful for the shotgun he had hidden beneath his coat.

The alien approached Zefram Cochrane, and, standing in front of him, thumped his chest loudly. "I am Kolikhr!" he said with a tongue harsh as his ridges, and a voice fitting his stature, "Son of Gar'thr, House of of Ki'hik!"
A moment of silence followed as Doctor Cochrane was taken aback by the abruptness of the greeting and strangeness of these visitors, before realizing he was expected to respond. Cochrane looked at his hand awkwardly, before making a fist and likewise forcefully beating his chest. "I am Zefram Cochrane," he began, somewhat unassuredly as he attempted the alien's form, "Son of Glenn and Lisa. House of ..." Cochrane paused for a moment and, looking at his shack, pointed with his thumb "Over there."

A terrifying moment of silence followed this remark, before the Klingon commander let out a good-natured laugh at this alien's haughtiness. Another Commander might have taken this remark as a barbed insult against the Empire, and slit Cochrane's throat where he stood. Kolikhr was better natured than that. "Co'kran," the Klingon said, with jagged English, "I am Klingon! Of the Glorious Klingon Empire! My people encompass hundreds of worlds and dozens of systems and are spreading out. We hold dominion over vast parsecs of space and are trillions strong! We are but one vessel of a thousands strong star fleet. But, we shall speak further of that in time. We have come to your world because we detected your warp signature. What is it you call this place?"
"This is the planet Earth. The city of Bozeman, in the nation of the United States, on planet Earth."
"Is this 'United States' ruler of this world?" the Captain inquired.
"We have no one ruler. We have many nations."
The Klingon Guards reacted to this remark with notable puzzlement across their faces. Klingons, it is likely, generally did not encounter worlds which had developed warp technology but had yet to unify previous to this discovery.
"Then, Co'kran, we will need to meet with these many nations and their kings in time," the Captain replied briskly, changing topics with his next breath. "Now, we wish to greet each other with drink and food! Have you a Great Hall, Co'kran?"
Cochrane thought for a moment, "We have a bar."
"Does this 'bar' host song and drink?"
"It does after Five."
"Then come, Co'kran!" the Klingon exclaimed with joviality "Let us greet each other in the proper Klingon way!"
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