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Universe K63: A Report

Author's Note: The following is an Alternate History story of the Star Trek universe, in the tradition of the Myriad Universe. The point of departure from the normal timeline should become evident rather quickly. People and places may sometimes be the same, but they will be different from those you know of the Prime Universe. This timeline will, when completed, cover the period of the Point of Departure up until the 2150s. A sequel covering the 2150s up to a later date may come in the future. This story will be posted in increments until finished.

April 18, 2153

Archivist of the United Planets
Room 2200
Zefram Cochrane Memorial Records Center
Capital District
Ceti Alpha V

The Honorable Jack Archer
Select Committee on Intelligence
The Congress of the United Planets

Dear Mr. Chairmen:
On this day, some 90 years since the Contact, I am forwarding to you the complete and revised edition of the report on the history of the Human race since 2063, including events leading up to Mankind's Warp Space age, and those which led up to the loss of the planet Earth to the invading forces.
My staff has made every effort to preserve the original summary editions, adding newly recovered information which was discovered and studied in the years since the last edition of this report was made. An accurate report of this nature has been difficult, given the limitation of what was saved from Earth before the conquest, and how accurate our research from this has been. This report will cover many general topics, and go into special detail where it concerns things not already widely known. However, for more detailed studies of the Third World War, or the period before, or detailed biographies of figures involved in this report, please see supplementary reports specializing in these.

A Report on Human and Galactic History & Society Since The First Contact Period

World War Three, and the Post Atomic Period

The fate that befell Mankind can be traced back to the Third World War, and the weakening or outright destruction of civilizations caused by the conflict. Human technology had outpaced the social evolution of the species, unleashing unprecedented horror on the Earth. Starting in 2026, the Eastern Coalition of Nations and the United States, and their European allies, would face off against one another with atomic weaponry. Armies, to assure loyalty and submissiveness, were kept under control through narcotics. The Third World War would say many evil men rise, such as the notorious Colonel Phillip Green, and numerous atrocities. In 2053, the war would end without a clear victor with the San Francisco Ceasefire Agreement. Over 600 million are estimated to have died in the conflict, with many major cities and nations destroyed. The war also wrought severe environmental devastation, with several severe nuclear winters, and heightened radiation in the atmosphere for years to come.

The Postwar world stabilized in differing degrees, as populations attempted to survive the new Dark Age. Certain areas degenerated into total lawlessness and anarchy, or brutal tyranny. In these regions, all were guilty until proven innocent, none had rights, and order was kept through the barrel of a gun. Unclean masses became sloven and immoral, and were placated by being permitted audience to brutalities and public trials of convicts. Other areas, especially those (at least nominally) under control of a still standing governments, managed a relatively peaceful existence, with many towns, cities, and institution standing, and many leaving towns and cities to found makeshift communities in the wilderness. Zefram Cochrane was a member of one such community.

Zefram Cochrane, Cochrane's Folly, and the Fall of Humanity

Doctor Zefram Cochrane: Inventor of the Warp Drive, who condemned and later saved Humanity

Doctor Zefram Cochrane is perhaps the most pivotal figure of the 21st century. The results of his experiment altered mankind greater than Phillip Green's mass murders in the World War, and his genocide of mutants, or even the tyranny of Lee Kuan. In academia today, there is a trend of forgiving Doctor Cochrane, as he certainly did not know what would result of his experiment, and pursued it only with the most optimistic of hopes. However, we cannot ignore that the conquest of Earth was the direct result of his actions.

Doctor Zefram Cochrane's life before the invention of the Warp Drive Engine is somewhat lost to time, as many records were destroyed by the Third World War, and many still yet remain on the occupied Earth. What we can report is derived from those records which survived, many of which were discovered by recovery teams sent to Earth, as well as from those autobiographical elements Doctor Cochrane left us with after the colonization of the Ceti Alpha system and the beginning of the New Earth Period.

Doctor Zefram Cochrane was born in 2032 in St. Paul, Minnesota in the former United States of America. He was an eccentric genius, who enjoyed alcohol, Classical "Rock n' Roll", and women. He was also a complex man, and though we know little of his life before the World War, psychological analysis would suggest it likely that something was taken from him in the conflict or the years after (and this may be the source of his apparent alcoholism). Heavy alcohol consumption, residual radiation, and possible melancholy would age Cochrane beyond his years. In 2049, Cochrane would go on to study physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his research into Warp technology began. Some time later, Doctor Cochrane would find himself in a community near Bozeman, Montana in the United States, where he would continue his research and experimentation into Warp technology. Here, he would convert a remaining Titan II nuclear missile into the vehicle for his warp engine. This became the "Phoenix", the first trans-light speed vehicle built by Humanity. It would also become known as "Cochrane's Folly".

On April 5th, 2063, Dr Cochrane and his assistant Lily Sloane boarded the Phoenix for its launch. Shortly before Noon, the craft launched into space, achieving Warp 1.

Upon landing, Cochrane would, as was his nature, celebrate the success of the launch at the bar in his community, surrounded by friends, alcohol, and music from the juke-box (we suspect the song was "Ooby Dooby", recorded by musician Roy Orbison in 1956; alternatively, the group Steppenwolf's song "Magic Carpet Ride" has been proposed, though we are relatively certain the latter was played aboard the Phoenix during its flight. Cochrane's account seems to support this view, and it remains the view of most mainstream historians). However, the celebration that night would be cut short. A nearby vessel had detected the warp signature in the previously unexplored star system of Sol. We cannot be certain what the aliens thought that day as they discovered Earth. What they must have seen was a single inhabitable planet, with limited post-industrial technological evolution, and one with severe devastation. Humanity must have seemed like a wounded animal to a pack of wolves.

The night of the celebration, the IKS Veqlargh landed.

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