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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

34. A Separation (A+)

The uber-praised Iranian drama finally arrives in Charlottetown. I was a bit worried going in, because with all the acclaim you half-wonder if the movie could only meet expectations if it cured cancer. And while I don't know if it's a revelatory experience, it's a damn good film, very possibly the best of last year's crop. I realized going in that, despite seeing months of praise for it, I really didn't know much about the story, other than it was about a couple getting a divorce - which it's not, really; that's the jumping-off point (the poster also emphasizes the mother, who is almost a supporting character and disappears for long stretches). It's a remarkable portrait of Iranian society, and it's amazingly balanced in its depictions of everyone involved in the tragedy.

Cinema: 9 (+1)
Home Video: 20
Computer: 5
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