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Yikes! I'm working against the weather here, summer came a bit too early.. I probably don't have more than another month of usable rendering weather. Once it starts getting 90(+)F out it's just too hot to run my desktop!! Thing really cranks out heat when it's rendering non-stop
We had snow in October. That didn't mean we had a snowy winter. We are hot in March. That may or may not mean we have a hot spring. Stay tuned. Europe had a very cold winter. We got their weather, they got ours. England is across the Atlantic... from CANADA. And not the most Southern part of Canada. New York is across from the South of France. Texas and the Gulf Coast are across from the northern half of the Sahara.

But that's not a usual weather pattern. I am not denying global warming, but the weird weather here is more associated to the weird solar cycle we are having. The sunspot cycle was supposed to have peaked in 2010... 11 years after the last peak, 1999. But instead, it's continued to go up the last two years. More sunspots = hotter sun. But if the wind comes to the US from the north, we'll get weather that is CLOSER to normal.

We just got hit by a big solar flare. That also messes with our weather and temperature.

Stay tuned. We could suddenly have no sunspots and go into a second 'little ice age'... a period when the earth was very cold and people thought Galileo was seeing things when he claimed there were spots on the sun. (No sunspots, cooler sun...)
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