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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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What isn't one's prerogative is thinking no one has a right to get annoyed by the smell of shit, which, lest we forget, is precisely what this trailer dumped out onto our screens. Who knew pixels had an odor?
They don't ( at least not yet ). I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe someone pooped themselves in your local theater.
Ah, the perp gives himself away!

The axe really is the aggressively stupid part of the trailer, the part that makes you feel stupid for putting up with it.

But the accents are also still wrong, the settings are also still wrong, the narration is still moronic, the scenes of real battle mixed in with this horseshit are still horribly jarring, etc.

Given the millions of people who still deny that the Civil War was about slavery, a movie that says the real problem with the South really wasn't slavery has horrible problems from the get go. The horrible problems being vampires may be relentlessly stupid, but the trailer makes it repellently obvious that the movie's going to treat this shit with reverent solemnity. There's absolutely nothing wrong with criticizing a movie for starting with a backward and reactionary "idea." But there is a great deal wrong with refusing on principle to countenance the mere existence of such criticism.

In the first X-Men movie, Wolverine stabs Mystique and wins her love. In the second, Wolverine kills the girl with the needle claws and Jean Grey sacrifices herself for him. In the third, Jean Grey says no, but makes sure to let Wolverine walk towards her to stick it to her, instead of being hung in midair like Professor X. Wolverine's emotional vulnerability? The Wolverine movie if I recall has emotional vulnerability but less "claws" plowing into women. But then, it wasn't such a success, was it?

As for the "pussies" in Twilight, if ever there was a property aimed at females, it was the Twilight series (and I say this with absolute confidence having read a few paragraphs.)

The Civil War isn't about slavery? Sexiness isn't about pussiness or prettiness but he-manliness?

PS The War Boys was mentioned, so I checked it out on Netflix. Walker did indeed come across as sexual, despite having an ordinary body and imperfect appearance. The character had no emotional vulnerability to speak of in that movie, though. I can see how remembering that movie might make the trailer play differently.
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