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Re: Could we have an alien Captain?

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Prime directive violations, crossing the wrong boarder, sexual harassment, disregarding orders...
Just have to point out that you just perfectly described James T. Kirk's command style.
That's actually a myth. More often than not, Kirk toed the company line or looked for leeway within his given orders without outright violating them during TOS. Kirk as "Starfleet's bad boy" was really a retcon that got its legs in Star Trek II, but doesn't really match the more no-nonsense Kirk that actually was in TOS.
Hence the winky-smiley face afterward.

But, in fairness, I think 'myth' is too strong word there. Exaggeration or caricature maybe fits better. Myth implies that there were no incidents of those sort of natures.

How many times did he violate the Prime Directive? How many times did he innapropriately touch (or more) a subordinate? How many times did he cross the Neutral Zone border?
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