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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I kept wondering how the zombies got to Jimmy - I was so tense and it did not all register. I will rewatch tonight.

It all did make him seem quite the dolt. But in his defense Jimmy never really had to deal did he? He was on that farm in Herschel's insular little bubble. Plus, I figured that Randall and Patricia would bite it or get bit in this case. So his death registered but I did not really analyze it.

Of the farm crowd I thought that Maggie had the best shot of making it out alive for Glenn's sake. I was suprised that Herschel and Beth survived.

I also felt that T-Dawg would be a goner. Of the main cast he is the least developed.
Yea, I figured Jimmy, Patricia and beth were all toast, surprised they let Beth survive, but, maybe they plan to do something with her next season.

Herschell, I saw it as a possibility he might die, but, I felt with Dale gone, there was an older wisdom role left empty, so I was hoping they let him survive.

T-Dawg, yea, they've done almost nothing with him through 19 episodes (What, has he had, about 20 lines total, I think?), so, I'm surprised he survived
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