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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

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Does "natural evolution" include the exploitation of their world by a being from outside the galaxy? All she is doing to this area of space is removing an alien presence that has distorted both the Kazon and the Ocampa's existence.

And I think it is only natural for Janeway to take a more Kirk-like, case-by-case approach to the PD as she travels through the DQ. Sometimes inconsistency is what makes sense. As a parent, I've learned that I have to deal with each child as an individual--what works to help one child fails with another. Strange as it may sound, inconsistency can be more fair than a rigid approach.

I don't really think there IS such a thing as "natural evolution." Was an asteroid impacting Earth's evolution not a part of its "natural" evolution because it was an event caused by an "outside" object? We just have to do the best we can with the info we have, which is why the PD is stupid and makes no sense.

However, in the "caretaker" scenario, Janeway's responsibility was getting her crew back to the AQ, not getting involved in local politics.
An outside non-sentient object is part of nature, whereas a sentient being can choose to act or not act. So I don't think we can equate the impact of an asteroid with the conscious action of a living, sentient being.

We can argree to disagree about what her responsibility was. The PD sometimes requires a SF crew to make a sacrifice . . .

sentient beings are a part of nature.

So you're saying now, not only was it NOT a violation of the PD, but that Janeway was required BY the PD to do what she did? Interesting.

(remember though, that the Maquis weren't under the PD, so they'd still feel some resentment)
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