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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

Dear Ms. Beyer.

I just want to pass along my thanks for writing such wonderful Voyager novels! They are just fantastic! I love them, hands down Full Circle is the best Star Trek novel I've ever read and I've read a lot. The characters leap off the page, so real, so faithful to them at their best.

I've spent the last hour reading over the comments in this forum and like most others here I want Kathryn Janeway back some day please (and you to write her return!) because she is fantastic, a great character, I love Kate Mulgrew and I love how you write her in Full Circle.

But I agree with you, it was not a mistake to kill her in Before Dishonor because it was gave the characters real meat to chew on, real consequences, real life. Plus it made the Borg such a good threat again, finally. Ever since Before Dishonor came out I've had few words for Peter David, something like 'You suck for killing my favourite character' I'm currently re-reading the post Nemesis novels and you know what- they are fantastic. Peter David I'm sorry to you, you made Janeway the Borg Queen! such terror! such horror! such suspense! such a great story, well written and the consequences provide such rich material I've loved reading each night.

The Voyager fleet was genius. Voyager has a purpose. Must say I didn't care for the first 4 post series Voyager novels all that much. Didn't think Janeway as an admiral in Nemesis was great either-that should have been Admiral Alynna Nechayev. But I love your books.

I've got my brother hooked on Full Circle, he was not a reader at all, but loved Star Trek. Now he's onto Unworthy.

Your books are like a continuation of Star Trek Voyager the series at it's finest. It's new Star Trek! This is all to convey to you Ms. Beyer how much I love your work and thank you for your work. Please keep writing Voyager and I hope Pocket Books realise how good you are and keep you around. Do please bring back Kathryn Janeway and put her where she belongs- on the bridge of her ship.

Off home and soon to enjoy heading to bed because-it's book time!
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