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Re: TOS: That Which Divides by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I've argued in the past that the "grades" used in TrekBBS review threads are kind of uneven. One of my pet-peeves is that (at least for me) the gap between the highest rank and the second highest is way too large. There should have been at least one more rank between those two IMO, maybe something like very good or something similar.

I pretty much reserve "outstanding" votes for books that get a 95%+ rating by me, and there have only been very few of those in the 14 years I've rated ST novels. As a result it's highly unlikely that many books will get an outstanding from me, while others seem to be more willing to hand out that rank.

Maybe I'm to pedantic on the semantics here, but for me a novel that gets an "outstanding" should do what it is the moniker: stand out from the rest, and if I would give a large number of books that grade those books aren't "outstanding" anymore.

But I accept that this is the grading scheme that has been established over the last few years and that changing it now would screw the comparability of those polls, I just was in the mood for a rant .
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