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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

I find sitting on children the best way to get correct behavior I want.

Sit and wait.

The Ocampa had been underground for a thousand years and Caretaker didn't care, or couldn't stop the Kazon occupation of the surface of... Caretaker was going to blow up his array, and in 5 years when the Ocampa ran out of water, they would burrow tot he surface and die. They might die faster if the forcefield gives out before their water, but that's 50/50, considering most of their water is replicated or recycled since they don't have underwater lakes to draw upon after a thousand years of living in the same place.

Caretaker planned that the Ocampa would have another 5 years of niceness and then they would die.

That was the status quo.

He had almost no effect on the Kazon.

Their reach extended perhaps 2 years or more at high warp in every direction from Ocmapa.

Compared to the vast empires screwing with them in every direction, banjoman was just one cranky bastard shaking his fist telling them to keep off his lawn impotently.
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