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Re: Does It Get Better???

No, I think Star Trek Voyager is the worst Star Trek, because there is nothing new here. It is during the mid nineties where Star Trek had run out of gas , people were sick of it, and all the ideas (well most of em are recycled from TOS TNG, or other works outside of Trek). Throw in the B cast of actors, and boring as hell dialgouge, and music, and what you get is a flavorless, play it so safe that its boring generic shell of Star Trek The Next Generation. Only the aliens are way uglier with more rubber, there is nothing that as fan of the Star Trek Universe I care about since there are out in bum kucf space. It was made to make a dollar or two and I suppose it suceeded at that. The technobabble is at the extreme here, and there is alot of Treks own in universe 'science' rules that are totally ignored. Characters actions on what they would do totally are inconsistent with what they did last year , or last month, or even 4 years ago. So there's that. And there's that clown ass-jerk Neelix. He the most selfish ugly jerk in Star Trek. No wonder everyone else hates him. I mean he stayed on the ship after his child girlfriend died, and i suppose hes there because he doesnt have an friends anyway, and well its a good deal for him they give him all lifes essentials to live in luxury and provides the crew with well his amatuer cooking which sucks, his blabbering about insignificant thinks at totally inapporiate times, and his overall lack of knowledge about anything relevant.

The show is a disapointment for sure. Where as Deep Space had great writing, this one did not.

It took me about 15 years to get around to watching many of the episodes thinking theres got to be some good ones, there are, but there aren't many great ones, and in fact not on Voyager episode jumps out at me in my head as a wow. Maybe that one where the guy in the black suit uses Janeway and plays classical music throughout the ship, but over all, its mostly a show about Harry Kim and Tom Paris racing around in a Delta Flyer hotrod they built, wasting power on the holodeck so it cause a problem, and um plundering worlds, causing problems for the aliens, and becoming known to delta quad races as the "ship of death".

And yeah thats what they called Voyager "ship of death". Beause thier captain makes self abosorbed choices where her singular goal is to get her crew home at ANY cost. What a crazy woman. She really could have destroyed the whole galaxy, time line, and really just made a big mess of creation to get a her crew home, which SHE stranded by blowing up the Caretaker ,WHICH could have sent them home! Because she failed to consider any other alternative, actually i'm not sure she didn't get stranded out there on purpose. Can any one else think of any alternatives to the delmema presented to Janeway at the end of CAretaker? My nephew in 5th grade had about 6 or 7. But Janeway, A STAR FLEET captain- she did not.

Man i didnt realize how much i disliked this show. And when it got bad ratings what was the solution, add a borg with HUGE boobs and have her walk around in skin tight outfits. Not better writing, planning the series more than 5 mins ahead of time, no the solution- boobs.


Well at least Tim Russ did an excellent job with making Tuvok- the most boring character on paper- the most interesting on in the show.

Its still better than most other shows on Tv- but just barely.
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