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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

75. Walking the Halls: (✩✩✩) - TV - TV movie about a teenage girl who becomes a call girl. Her "manager" is the school's on-duty police officer. I watched it because Jamie Luner plays the unsuspecting mother. Typical TV movie fare, but it did a pretty good job of making prostitution seem unglamorous.

76. Hoodwinked!: (✩✩✩) - TV - Fun and interesting take on Littel Red Riding Hood.

77. 21 Jump Street: (✩✩✩) - Theatre - Funny and entertaining, but it wasn't the gut-busting experience for me that it was for so many others.

78. Clerks II: (✩✩✩) - TV - Finally saw this, but can't fully appriciate that it's a sequel because it's been too long since I've seen the original. Lots of Kevin Smith-style banter about life, sex and Star Wars, and the ending has a lot of heart.

79. Henry's Crime: (✩✩✩) - DVD - Henry (Keanu Reeves) is convicted of robbing a bank and is sent to prison, except that he didn't rob the bank. Upon realease, he enlists a friend he met in prison (James Caan) to help him rob the bank for real. Vera Farmiga plays Henry's love interest. It didn't get a wide release, but it's an enjoyable heist story. Don't know what to make of Henry or his motives though.

80. Hannah Montana: The Movie: (✩✩✩) - DVD - I used to watch the show while I was at the computer and came to enjoy it. Basically, the show is about a teenage girl named Miley Stewart who leads a double life as a rock star named Hannah Montana. In the movie, the rock star life seems to be going to her head, so her dad takes her away to their home in Tennessee to "detoxify" her of the celebrity life and bring her back down a bit. There, she meets a boy, has to deal with a tabloid reporter who's following her, and finds herself having to become Hannah Montana again in order to put on a concert to raise money to save a swath of land from a developer, all as her double identity starts to unravel. It was nice to see a motion picture quality take on the show.

81. Chasing Amy: (✩✩✩✩) - DVD - Ben Affleck plays a comic book writer who meets the girl of his dreams, named Alyssa, only to find out that she's not who he thought she was. It had the usual Kevin Smith-style banter about life, sex and Star Wars, but it was fundamentally about sex, relationships , idealizing one's parter and dealing with the past. I don't think I've seen this movie's subject matter dealt with in a movie before. And given that there was no "Amy" in the movie, I was puzzled by the title, but it eventually made sense. In the end, it was a great slice-of-life movie. And like a lot of Kevin Smith's early work, it made me miss the 90s.

Theatre: 2
DVD/Blu-Ray: 29
TV: 42
On Demand: 7
Internet: 1
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